Medicare Plan Coverage Options

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Medicare Part A

This covers hospitalization insurance, including hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, and home health care, ensuring you're covered during these critical times.

$0 for most people (because they or a spouse paid Medicare taxes long enough while working - generally at least 10 years)

Medicare Part B

Medical coverage for doctors' visits, mental health care, outpatient surgery, lab tests, and necessary medical equipment. This also includes preventive services like flu shots, cardiovascular screenings, and more.

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Medicare Part C

Also known as Medicare Advantage, this offers the convenience of getting all your Medicare benefits from one source. Offered by private insurance companies, Part C provides an all-in-one plan that combines Parts A, B, and D.

Medicare Part D

Covering prescription drugs, this plan is critical for those requiring regular medications. Offered solely by insurance companies, it is essential to have Part D to avoid facing futu penalties.

Enjoy Optimal Coverage

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